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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions which may help you.

New to Homeopathy?

Deciding to try Homeopathy is often a big step for many people who have only ever used the conventional medicine route.  I hope the information below helps answer any questions you may have, but please do call or email if you would like to ask anything specific which has not been answered here.

What does a Homeopathy consultation involve?

Your first appointment is an opportunity for you to discuss in detail all your symptoms, and I will assess and evaluate your case fully.  This will usually take between 60 - 90 minutes, at the end of which I will discuss your treatment plan.

At any subsequent appointments (usually 4-6 weeks later) I will assess your reaction to the first course of Homeopathic treatment and determine if a further prescription is required to continue the improvements.

If relevant to your symptoms, I may recommend a separate Nutrition/Kinesiology appointment to discuss and test your body for nutritional requirements to help your symptoms and optimise your health.

What does Registered Homeopath mean?

As a Registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, the UK's largest organisation representing professional homeopaths, I follow a strict Code of Ethics and Practice, hold professional insurance, and have passed stringent academic and clinical assessments before being admitted to the Register.  As a member of the Society of Homeopaths I am also accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

I am also recognised by the European Council of Classical Homeopathy.

Why do I need a follow-up consultation?

When taking a homeopathic remedy, some patients notice that the improvements begin to fade after 4-6 weeks. At this point a follow-up consultation enables me to determine how your healing is progressing, and whether you require a stronger or different remedy to continue the healing process.

How long will it take before I feel well?

This depends on the depth of your illness.

If your symptoms are recent you may need very little treatment before you feel well again. If you have been unwell for many years, you will notice improvements after each remedy, however, it may take some months before you feel well again.  However, each correctly prescribed remedy will lead you closer to wellness. Many children and pregnancy-related complaints often recover very quickly.

Healing is a journey, like stepping stones towards health and wellness.  After your first medicine, as the weeks go by you will notice an improvement in your symptoms, energy levels and well-being.  Your body is beginning to heal.

I've heard I may get worse before I get better, is this true?

Some patients may notice a slight worsening of their symptoms. This is a positive sign as your body begins the healing process. Similar to spring-cleaning a house, it can look a little messier when you start to sort through the clutter, but as you continue and the clutter is cleared, you feel better than you have in a long time.

What do remedies look like?

I mostly prescribe remedies as a small sweet pilule which are very pleasant to taste.  I will provide you with instructions when I give you the remedy.

For very young children, I provide a powder which is diluted into water, and they are given a teaspoon of the liquid - it has no flavour, so is the same as drinking water.

Will you give me my remedy straight away?

In most cases I will give patients their remedy at the end of the consultation, once I have determined which remedy they require.  For new patients I may need to spend further time after the consultation working on the case to ensure I am thorough in determining the best remedy for the patient. In these cases, you will usually receive the remedy within a few days.

What are remedies made from?

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural mineral, plant and animal sources. They are not tested on animals, but on healthy human volunteers.

Who can take homeopathic remedies?

Because homeopathic remedies are so gentle and non-toxic, they are safe for everyone including newborn babies, children, during pregnancy, and for the elderly.

If you have any concerns about children taking Homeopathic remedies, please see my Testimonials page for some examples of how Homeopathy has helped children.

Further details of the safety of remedies can be found on the Evidence page.

Will the remedy interfere with medication from my GP?

No. Homeopathic remedies can work safely alongside the medication prescribed by your GP.

Will I have to stop the medication my GP prescribed?

No. It is very important that you continue to take all medications as prescribed by your GP.

Homeopathy - At some point throughout your homeopathic treatment, as you feel well again, I may suggest you talk to your GP to ask whether he/she would be happy to reduce your medication. This is dependent on what your doctor considers safe, and whether you feel comfortable with this.

Nutritional Therapy - Nutritional Therapy CANNOT replace a medical treatment, but it can certainly compliment it.

Do I pay by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card?

All of these options are available.

I accept cash & cheque & credit card payments during your consultation.

Do you offer any discounts?

Combined family follow-up appointments are available with £10 discount off both the 2nd and 3rd patients.

Siblings can of course still have their consultation in private without their brothers & sisters being involved, their consultations just need to follow-on from one another for the discount to apply.

As a mother of 2 young children myself, I am aware that it can be tricky to pay for consultations for each family member, so I have introduced this discount to enable me to provide a 'family consultation' to help ensure homeopathic treatment is available & affordable to you.

Which private health companies cover Homeopathic fees?

As a Registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, your Homeopathic treatment can be claimed against a wide range of private health insurance companies including:

Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, CIGNA UK, Civil Service Healthcare, Clinicare, First Assist, Forester Health, Health Shield, HSA, Medisure, Aviva Healthcare, Patient Aid Association, Pinnacle PLC, Provincial Hospital Association, Standard Life Health Care, Westfield Health Scheme.

Please note that some of the above insurance companies require a GP referral to me before you can claim.  Please also note that the list above can become out of date, so please check with your insurer first.


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