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To book a consultation, or to discuss how Homeopathy can help you, please contact me:

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I offer professional, friendly Homeopathy consultations from my clinic in Hampshire.  Where required, I also incorporate nutritional advice and food testing using Kinesiology techniques.

First appointments are an opportunity for you to discuss in detail all your symptoms, and I will assess and evaluate your case fully.  This will usually take between 60 - 90 minutes, at the end of which I will discuss your treatment plan, and prescribe a Homeopathic remedy to begin your healing. 

Nutritional advice and food sensitivity testing is usually included in follow-up consultations, however, if time allows during your first consultation and if particularly relevant to your symptoms, I will aim to include this in your first consultation, where possible.

Follow-up consultations (usually 4 weeks later) enable me to assess your reaction to the previous course of treatment, and determine if a further prescription is required to continue the improvements.  These usually take approximately 30-45 minutes.

Day & Evening Appointments

Consultations are available every Friday from 9.00 am. - 6 pm in Odiham, Hampshire. 

I also offer Skype and Telephone consultations (for Homeopathy) on Thursday's which is popular with patients who live or work too far away to visit the clinic.

Please see contact page for address details.

Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Not available currently.

(Skype and Telephone only)

9.00 am - 6 pm
(clinic appointments)

Skype & Telephone Appointments

Skype & Telephone consultations are also available for Homeopathy on Thursday's.  I regularly treat patients across the UK, Europe and Worldwide for which Skype consultations work well.

Children's Homeopathy Consultations

(For food testing on children, please see the Nutrition page).

Homeopathy consultations for young children and babies usually involves me directing most questions to parents, whilst the children play.  I have a very popular toy box which helps keep young children busy playing. The way your child plays and interacts within my clinic room is incredibly useful for me to see.  Whether your child is content to play with toys, or prefers to open all the cupboards & drawers all helps me determine their character & the best remedy for their personality and symptoms.

For school age children, I will sometimes ask them questions directly as their experience of their symptoms is really useful, but of course these consultations are very relaxed with parents adding information along the way.  I am quite happy for children to snack during consultations as often these take place after school, or during lunch breaks.

Teenagers - Some teenagers may wish to talk in private without parents, it really depends on the individual and their symptoms.  Consultations are always friendly and relaxed.  There are never physical examinations involved in Homeopathy consultations.  I will just be listening to their description of how they experience their symptoms, and asking some questions about this.

Consultation Fees & Discounts

Adults £70.00 £50.00
(13yrs & Under)
£55.00 £45.00

All consultation fees include any homeopathic remedies required, but exclude any nutritional supplements which may be recommended.

Family Discounts

Combined family follow-up appointments are available with £10 discount off the 2nd and 3rd patients.

Payment Methods

I accept Cash, Cheque or Credit Card during your consultation.  I am also able to accept credit card payments via telephone or e-mail invoice.

Private Health Claims

As a Registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, your Homeopathic treatment with me can be claimed against a wide range of private health insurers, including:

Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, CIGNA UK, Civil Service Healthcare, Clinicare, First Assist, Forester Health, Health Shield, HSA, Medisure, Norwich Union Healthcare, Patient Aid Association, Pinnacle PLC, Provincial Hospital Association, Standard Life Health Care, Westfield Health Scheme.

Please note that the above list may become out of date, so please check with your insurer first.  A few of the above insurance companies may require a GP referral to me before you can claim.

Food Allergy Testing

Nutritional Therapy

NOW AVAILABLE! Consultations with Nutritional Advice & Food Sensitivity Testing. 

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